Here are a few tips to making sure your experience goes as smoothly as possible:

Importance of a Commercial Invoice

Almost every country requires your package to have a COMMERCIAL INVOICE to ship. This is a copy of your purchase with the description of the item and its commercial value. See example here.

Alerting your Packages

To avoid delays in shipping, you can send your Commercial Invoice BEFORE your package arrives. Alert your purchase today! It's easy. Learn How: Alert Form

You can also upload a commercial invoice to a package AFTER it arrives.
Upload in your account.

Info on Restricted Products

Every country has different regulations regarding what products can be shipped, which are restricted, etc. Please take a look at our Restricted Products informational page before. If you have a specific question regarding a possible hazardous material shipment, please consult with us before.
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Tracking your Packages

You can track your packages in your account.
Learn how here.

Returning Your Packages

If you need to return your package to your provider, simply send us your RMA Return Label (it is usually sent in your shipping confirmation email or you can ask your provider directly for it). Please be advised that you are responsible for any additional charges returning your package may require.
Example of RMA Return Label.