Terms And Conditions

TransExpress is an e-commerce logistics company specializing in Global Postal Box services. Global Boxes is a TransExpress branded service that provides cardholders with the ability to shop online from U.S stores and receive orders worldwide. TransExpress assigns customers with a physical address in the U.S.A to ship their purchases to. These are then shipped to the international address listed on their profile (this can be a home or office address).

The service provided by TransExpress includes handling of packages, international shipments, customs clearance, and delivery to your home or business address.

The service offered by TransExpress consists of the following:

The service offered by Trans-Express is provided by Trans-Express, Inc. This is an agreement between Trans-Express, Inc. and the customer upon registration. Trans-Express assigns the customer a physical address in the U.S. This assigned address is for the exclusive use of the customer and his/her authorized users.

Registration for the PO Box service is free. The customer is only responsible for fees generated from the shipping and handling of merchandise. Fees vary by country. Additional charges may apply.

Trans-Express, Inc. is the provider of the international shipping service for your packages. Any claims related to the shipment of your packages should be sent through our Customer Service Ticket System here or call us at (305) 592-0839.

Our address: 7801 NW 37th St, Doral, FL 33195-6503 is designated as a sales-tax exempt address by the state of Florida. This applies exclusively to internationally-bound shipments.

For over-the-counter pick-up in Miami, customers must present proof of travel (i.e. an airline ticket) to be exempt from Florida Sales Tax.

Upon registration, the customer authorizes Trans-Express to receive and forward any and all correspondence addressed to their Trans-Express address from all carriers (such as the United States Postal Service- USPS). It is the customer’s responsibility to provide the 1583 form to USPS authorizing Trans-Express, Inc. to receive and forward his mail.

The basic service provided by Trans-Express, Inc. includes the following: receiving, processing, and shipping of parcels, packages, and freight on behalf of the customer. Excludes duties and taxes in some countries.

All merchandise that is valued over $2,500 USD or requires an export license is subject to E.E.I. handling (electronic export information).

Trans-Express, Inc., after receiving all needed documentation, reserves the right to a 24-hour window to process and dispatch your shipment.

Upon registering for our service, the customer authorizes Trans-Express, Inc. to automatically charge costs associated with the handling of parcels, packages, and freight addressed to the customer's U.S. address. The customer also authorizes Trans-Express to charge any and all costs incurred while handling the customer's shipments according to the rates set by each country. All information regarding rates for each country may be found on our calculator.

The customer also authorizes Trans-Express to charge his/her credit card with all costs related to the handling of packages including: customs duties and taxes, warehousing fees, custom brokerage fees, special documentation fees, special handling fees, or any other costs related to the shipment of the customer's packages.

For more information on costs associated with handling and transportation, refer to the rates tab on our calculator. Freight costs are automatically charged to the customer's credit card. Shipments for delivery in regions or cities other than capital cities are subject to additional costs.

The rates listed on our webpage are subject to change without prior notice. Trans-Express will do its best to communicate any changes in these rates to our customers.

Tokenization: For your security, Trans-Express, Inc. never stores your credit card information in its system. The system automatically tokenizes your credit card upon registration.

Shipping and handling fees are calculated in pounds (lb) or kilograms (kg) depending on the country, and charged in U.S. Dollars for all countries.

Dimensional weight, when applicable, is calculated as follows:

[Length x Width x Height (in inches)] divided by 166= the dimensional weight of the box. For more information on this refer to our calculator.

Trans-Express, Inc. reserves the right to automatically add protection (‘bubblewrap’) to packages it considers fragile. Additional fees will apply. The customer may opt out of this service, but in doing so, liberates Trans-Express, Inc. from any liability if their package incurs damage during transportation.

In case of damage or loss, Trans-Express insures all shipments at no additional cost at U.S $9/lb up to a maximum of $100.00. The customer has the option of purchasing insurance at an additional rate. If the customer wishes to do so, he/she must request the additional insurance by filling out a ticket click here. The additional insurance is subject to certain restrictions.

Trans-Express, Inc. assumes no responsibility regarding the quality, brand, or any other aspect of the merchandise or services purchased or received by the customer to be transported through our service. Any complaints or disputes should be settled directly with the vendor or the commercial establishment from which the customer obtained the merchandise from.

Trans-Express, Inc reserves the right to open and inspect all packages received on the customer's behalf at its facility in Miami and to refuse service when and if it considers it necessary.

It is the sole responsibility of the Customer to keep all information current, particularly credit card and delivery address information. It is the Customer's obligation to notify Trans-Express of any changes to credit card or delivery information. Failure to keep the above information current may cause delays in delivery and/or additional costs in handling.

Trans-Express, Inc works with U.S and foreign government agencies to identify and legally stop individuals, institutions, or companies from using the service to commit anything illegal.

Trans-Express, Inc reserves the right to hold any merchandise that is suspected or identified to have been acquired through a fraudulent or illegal transaction. Any information obtained in these cases is provided to local and international authorities that monitor and work to combat online fraud.

Trans-Express, Inc. reserves the right, by law, to reject any packages that are visibly damaged, are dirty, wet, or are making a sound.

Last-mile delivery: home delivery and/or over-the-counter. Methods vary by country. Most countries offer both services. If you would like to know what delivery services are offered in your country, please send us a ticket.

Trans-Express, Inc. reserves the right to abandon packages left in our warehouse after a period of three (3) months. For mail, catalogues, and magazines, this period is limited to thirty (30) days before disposing of said mail. The Customer is responsible for any cost incurred in the returning of mail and disposing of goods and services.

Trans-Express, Inc. service fees exclude any fees applied by foreign banks. .

Hazmat handling is subject to additional charges. For more information, please visit our Hazardous Material page or contact us here.

Trans-Express does not transport: any pornographic material, cash money, alcoholic beverages, firearms and munitions, perishable goods, animals, medicine and tobacco (unless they comply with import regulations in the destination country). All merchandise of this nature that is received in our facilities in Miami will be returned to the original sender or appropriately disposed of. All costs incurred in its handling will be charged to the customer's credit card on record.

Trans-Express, Inc. reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to change or modify the terms and conditions. It is the customer’s responsibility to review Trans-Express Inc.’s terms and conditions periodically as continued use of Trans-Express, Inc. services will constitute the customer’s acceptance of these terms. If a customer does not agree with our terms, he or she can opt out of our services by cancelling his or her P.O. Box.


For Customs purposes in Dominican Republic, our representative agency is Vimenpaq.