Our Services

Your Global PO Box Services:

Upon arrival, your packages are inspected and prepared for shipment at our warehouse in Miami. If everything is in order, your packages are then shipped to your country. Once at their destination, they are cleared through Customs. After clearing customs, your packages are sent out for delivery. You can track everything online in your account!

Services included with your PO Box:

Unlimited access to all major online retailers

Your US address allows you to order from your favorite stores online! Get access to retailers like Amazon, eBay, GAP, and many more!

USA Dispatch Service

If you need to have items picked up in the USA, Transexpress can arrange that. To schedule a pick-up, please click here.

Home Delivery

Shop online and receive your packages in your home or office. Your PO Box is a unique number that tells us exactly where you want your packages shipped. Make sure to always add it after your last name when shopping.

Return-to-Sender Service

If you need to return your purchase, we can help. If your package is here in our warehouse, simply send us the RMA return label and we'll return it to your provider. Please note that you are responsible for any additional charges returning your package may bring.

Tracking and Email Notifications

You can track your packages online in your account. You'll also get email updates regarding your purchases as they move through our facilities.

Automatic Insurance up to $100

All your packages are automatically insured up to $100. If you would like to purchase additional insurance (up to $2,500), please click here.

Air Cargo

Whether by default or by special request, we offer air cargo handling for your merchandise. Many times, this handling depends on your country's Customs regulations for certain merchandise.


If your purchase is fragile, we will automatically re-package it in bubble wrap. Additional charges apply. To change this setting, please send us a ticket.

Customs Clearance Service

Transexpress handles customs clearance for you. This EXCLUDES payment of any duties due upon arrival.

Hazmat Product Service

There are several products that are considered Hazmat, or restricted that require special shipping and handling. We ship these out in special consolidations. For a list of these, please click here.

Customer Service

If you have any issues or inquiries, you can email us here. If you need a quote or quick question, you can message us on Facebook! For immediate assistance, please call us at (305) 592- 0839.